Roh Hafez

Roh Hafez


Roh is a truly inspiring facilitator and coach with many years of experience in Human Development and Coaching. She spent more than six years of her professional life working in the oil and gas industry with ExxonMobil in Egypt and the Middle East. Her appointments gave her great opportunities of working closely with internal and external stakeholders across organizational hierarchies. She has developed a customer feedback system that was implemented across Africa and the Middle East region. She was also responsible for developing the training material for the customer feedback system and process. The implementation of the system led to quantitatively rewarding operational change and higher levels of customer satisfaction across the region.

In pursuit of her real passion, Roh moved from the field of process improvement to the field of human development and launched her new career by taking up a degree in psychology and a certification in coaching. She has been coaching clients since to achieve excellence in both their personal and professional lives using NLP techniques. Her passion for enabling change is evident through her involvement in the coaching process, her keen follow-up and her will to challenge clients into reaching their outcomes.

Based in UAE, Roh joined the ABAMI family and started her journey with many clients including DEWA, Etisalat, Lafarge, Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council, TNT and Emirates Islamic Bank to mention a few.

Roh writes a column for a local Al-Ain magazine. She uses her articles as a platform to share ideas that are meant to enhance personal life style as well as relationships with her readers.

Professional Qualifications

  • BA in Management
  • NLP Coach & Practicitioner – Mindbridge International NLP Training Institute
  • MA in Psychology