Our Story

Our Story

Creating value for people through people for 30 years

ABAMI is an African word, which means “The Special One”

Our History

Originally established in the UK in 1983, ABAMI opened its first branch in the GCC in 1987. First based in Kuwait, then Saudi Arabia before finally moving our central GCC operations to the UAE in 2000.

ABAMI blossomed and grew across the Emirates and in a short period became a powerhouse in the training industry. Growing at exponential rates in a striving economy, ABAMI found its niche and became the pioneer of activity-based learning, also referred to as experiential learning, where participants develop themselves going through an experience created by facing a fun challenge, project or activity.

ABAMI is the outcome of many years of experience and 1000’s of man years of development. Since its inception, ABAMI UAE has delivered over 5,000 programs working with over 500 multinationals, banks, oil and gas, local conglomerates, regional organizations and government institutions.

ABAMI established its own Learning Centres across the country becoming the number one team building and experiential learning company in the UAE. Over 100,000 participants have been through our unique programs and tasted first-hand the ABAMI experience. Today we have over 170 activities and challenges in addition to our four fully equipped and certified learning centres.

At ABAMI we focus all our efforts in helping organizations to become both healthier and smarter. Healthy as in having a clear sense of purpose , values and directions , with aligned and engaged people. Smart as in embracing a set of competencies , behaviors , skills and business acumen that help them to perform. The ultimate aim is to have a high performing organization which leads to happy employees, happy customers and profits that make happy shareholders, who can further invest in growing the organization.

“This is our purpose for existence to create value for people through people and to help organizations to develop and evolve.”

Ayman Ayad
Managing Partner

Our Philosophy

Every day members of the ABAMI family across the world strive hard to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This belief inspires us to serve organizations with their people development initiatives.

We believe organizations are a critical part of the society. A motivated and happy employee is not just productive for the organization; they also lead a healthy social life. The ABAMI methodology and learning platforms take participants through a journey that encourages a sustainable behavioral change adding value to them at a personal and professional level.

Why we exist is to “Make a Difference in the World One Person at a Time”

How we do it is through a diverse blend of solutions that help organizations to be both Smart and Healthy, through:

  • Building Organizational Health
  • Developing High Impact Leadership
  • Developing competencies and smart skills
  • Creating the quality mind set
  • Building High Performance
  • Engaging customers

What we do is engage our clients in a journey of development that includes a variety of indoor and outdoor programs, workshops, action based tools that are customized to make the maximum impact for the individual and the organization.

Business Strategy

Our aim is to create a “memorable experience” each time that can lead to performance enhancements. We enrich our solutions with engagement platforms and ways to monitor progress and build capacity.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We Create Value for People ….through People
We help organizations Develop and Evolve

Our Mission

To have 200 consultants across the world by 2020 creating value for people & organizations.

We will attract the best talent from around the world and bring it to the markets we serve, we will make a difference in people’s lives and our name will be synonymous to Quality & Excellence.

Organizations will seek our services and will entrust us with their most valuable assets: their talent… we will passionately help them to grow, evolve and live a more fulfilling life.

We will see the transformation in our clients and be proud of our contribution to the advancement of the communities we serve, we will be known as the company, which is building people and creating value.

We will be an attractive platform for the young & the experienced alike… to nurture their potential and give them a higher purpose than any other… to make a difference in the world… and in the process establish our brand across the far reaching corners of the globe, and give each one a stake in the success both emotionally & financially.

Our Growth Plans

For the last 3 years, we have grown by over 20% year on year. We are now 50 professionals in the UAE, with a similar number in our Egypt based joint venture.

Our plans are to expand regionally through solid partnerships that add to our network of certified professionals. We have a stringent methodology for certifying our delivery resources using a number of international partners from the UK and Belgium.

All resources used for client engagements have to adhere to a 6 month development program that includes observations, assessments, trial runs, solution design, written, oral and practical delivery.

Our plan is to continue to build our capacity across the region either directly, through partnerships, or by building a franchise network.