Organizational Health


In the defining phase the ABAMI consultants work with the leadership team to define the direction
of the organization by creating the clarity, while eliciting input from all stakeholders.

Skills development

A vital part of the defining stage is to listen to the voices of all the stakeholders in the system.
You may already have a voice listening mechanism in place or the ABAMI consultant may recommend one for you.

We have a number of platforms we can use:

  • Measuring the organizational climate: motivation, change, execution, teamwork and trust through the Vital Signs survey from six seconds
  • Establishing the base line of the current culture and gathering input from all stakeholders on the a inspirational culture using the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI).
  • Announce the upcoming change journey and seek everyone’s input in a facilitated town hall style meeting

The Leadership Team embark on a journey to create clarity on the foundation elements which will allow the organization to become a healthy unit, functioning as one and paving the way for optimal performance. They embark on this journey armed with the input from all the stakeholders. For the leaders to create this clarity we believe they need to be a well aligned and cohesive team.

The leadership cohesion and clarity creation journey could consist of a number of interventions:

  • Building a High Performing & Cohesive Leadership Team : Through deeper awareness of each other as individuals and as a team by identifying the teams innate characteristics, decision making process, blind spots, overall strengths and gaps using MBTI as the tool.
  • Defining Clarity: Reaching agreement among the leadership team on the answers of the six most critical organizational clarity questions : our purpose, our business, how do we behave?, how will we succeed?, what is important right now?, and who will do what? .
  • Team Identity and Strategy: The team build together a 3D model of their identity and it’s surrounding landscape to develop their real time strategy using Lego Serious Play.
  • Develop a playbook: clarifying the organizational directions in a simplified manner ready to be communicated to all stakeholders across the organization.

    Building A Cohesive Leadership Team

    Team Cohesion through enhanced self and other team members awareness using MBTI – 2 days


    • Members of a cohesive team must trust one another
    • The first step in building trust is in knowing each other at a deeper level
    • We will help the team become more self aware of themselves and of other members of their team using MBTI as a platform
    • It will help them to identify their unique gifts
    • It enhances their understanding of themselves, their motivations, their natural strengths, and their potential areas of growth
    • It will help them appreciate people who differ from them


    • Identify strengths and potential challenges
    • Identify potential blind spots
    • Improve individual and group capacities to solve problems, communicate, and use conflict constructively
    • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences of team members
    • Develop team and individual action plans with specific steps to help improve performance


    • Your team’s personality type
    • Your team’s strengths
    • Your team’s potential blind spots
    • Your individual contributions to the team
    • Your potential blind spots
    • Team decision making approach and your preferred problem-solving style
    • Team communication and your preferred communication style
    • Team conflict and your conflict style
    • Similarity/diversity on your team
    • Organizational influences on your team
    • Team and individual action plans

    Six Critical Organizational Elements

    Defining Clarity between the team on the six critical organizational elements

    In order to drive the organization towards health, the team must obtain clarity around the most important questions that stand at the foundation of the organization. These six critical questions will be addressed during a team retreat through discussions and activities lead by our expert organization health consultants and using the input from all the stakeholders. The six critical questions that will constitute the playbook are: