Organizational Health


In the communicating phase, ABAMI equips the leaders with the tools to influence,
engage & align the people.

Team Building

Prior to communicating the identified clarity, to all stakeholders in the organization we work with the leadership and management to give them the tools to influence, engage and align their teams.

We work with them on four aspects :

  • Developing personal greatness in themselves and those they lead
  • Building trust through credibility
  • Their role in engaging the whole person: heart, mind, body and soul, reaching leadership greatness
  • Developing organizational greatness through agility, disciplined thoughts and actions

The outcome is a high impact leader that can help themselves and others to make the transition through the desired change, align to the new direction and are being fully engaged.


The organization is now ready to communicate the clarity, as outlined in the playbook, to all stakeholders and allow them to live it, assimilate it, internalize it and commit to it. We offer a variety of engagement platforms that vary in intensity and depth. The ABAMI consultants design the most appropriate platform for communicating to the masses to meet each organizations exact needs.
The four main engagement platforms are:

  • Awaken: An Event to Announce the New Values, Competencies, direction where the learning is incidental
  • Enlighten: A program to live and share the new culture values, direction where the learning is directed
  • Envision: A program to live, reflect on and internalize the commitment to the new clarity , where participants have more space to reflect and evolve
  • Evolve: Focused sessions on each desired behavior to understand, assimilate, and develop actions that allow for self evolvement

All Engagement and Alignment programs are designed around a number of active learning platforms and are delivered using the experiential and transformational learning methodology.