The Journey

Engagement & Alignment

The Journey

From the self to the team to the organization

Team Building

The ABAMI Engagement programs incorporate multiple experiential learning platforms that enable the participants to demonstrate:

  • First, who they are as individuals
  • Second, how they behave as a group
  • Third, relate it all back to work and put it all together in a visual or metaphorical commitment to their common theme or rallying cry

Engagement and Alignment Components

The learning will be derived through a directed debrief of their experience and how they behaved and interacted in each step of the journey.

Scientific models are used, as and when applicable, to relate to the desired outcomes.

The main role of the facilitators is to guide the participants through their development journey by taking them through multiple experiential platforms and debriefing the learning. Each facilitator accompanies a group of participants throughout their journey.

At the end of the program the whole group would put it all together by attempting one project that depicts their common theme and allege their commitment to it.

Journey - Abami