Team meetings

Team Meetings

Venue: Virtual

When the storm of 2020 started, we appreciated that the whole world may be going through the same storm but each of us are in different boats. Staying strong together was a vital piece of our existence and our ability to sail to the storm. We agreed to hold a monthly get together where we can hear and see each other and also share the plans we have for getting through the times of uncertainty.

The monthly team meetings had a theme:

  • Getting together and agreeing on the remote working modus operandi
  • Our 90-day plan and announcing our agile and interconnected teams
  • The four sprints of the current challenges
  • The results of the 90-day plan and the next leaps forward
  • The reimagining of our industry in the new norm
All those meetings we were able to hear each of us voice our concerns, feelings, and support each other on even if remotely. The meetings help us to get through these challenging times and to feel that we are all together in this.

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The Journey to Define and Sustain the New Clarity

Engagement of the whole organization to define, clarify, live, and engage in building their new reality.
An Impactful journey of self-discovery, new possibility, and transformation to purposeful action.


Change Management

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