Le Meridien Al Aqah

Le Meridien Al Aqah – Fujairah

Outdoor adventures in the Fujairah mountains in Al Aqah

le meridien al aqah

Le Meridien
With its wide range of leisure facilities and dedicated sports-trained team, Le Méridien Al Aqah is ideal for incentive holidays and special business events such as product launches or team-building initiatives.

Among all the riches this ocean-side resort has to offer, lays a little treasure that ABAMI uses. It is the ultimate high ropes experience with a brand new climbing wall, leap of faith and a 40 foot high Journey with a zip line. It truly is an impressive feature for outdoor team building events.

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The Journey to Define and Sustain the New Clarity

Engagement of the whole organization to define, clarify, live, and engage in building their new reality.
An Impactful journey of self-discovery, new possibility, and transformation to purposeful action.


Change Management

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