Learning Centres

Why Try Our Exclusive Learning Centres?

Our team is determined and passionate about inspiring people to improve their corporate and life performance.
To achieve our unique mission, we have built four exclusive ABAMI Learning Centres in the UAE and one Learning Centre in Egypt

Our learning centres are fully certified to ensure complete safety standards. Our centres are conducive to ABAMI’s experiential learning methodology and are designed for delivering effective team and personal development events, creating a safe environment for challenge, learning and growth.

Our team of challenge course professionals and facilitators are certified by the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA) to ensure you’re always in safe hands.

High Ropes

Our High Ropes challenges are an exciting vehicle for developing confidence, resilience, and trust. They pressure test everything we say about ourselves and others. A guaranteed method of developing and demonstrating the REAL YOU!

Low Ropes & Team Challenges

Our Low Ropes elements are designed to highlight the power and reward of hard work. Ideas are just thoughts and words unless turned into action to make them reality!

Climbing Walls

Our outdoor climbing walls provide teams with the unique opportunity to push past their comfort zone and overcome their fears. Experience the fun of growing together.