Effective Team Member Model

Effective Team Member Model

This model is the foundation for developing effective development journeys

Developing effectiveness and a high level of engagement of each team member in the organization is essential for achieving success in this new & fast changing world. At ABAMI, we work on the two facets of building healthy & smart organizations by developing high impact leaders and effective team members. We have put together a model for each one and we have designed a portfolio of modular services to tackle both aspects.The Effective Team Member needs to tackle a number of aspects on their development journey:

  • Build Self
  • Connect with Others
  • Aligned with the Organization
  • Aware of the Landscape

By developing around the model, young and upcoming business professionals will become effective team members and serve as the seeds for the future leaders of a healthy & smart organization.

An effective team member starts by building self, being aware, identifying their preferred style, their own purpose & vision leading to their commitment to the things they value most.

Next, for a team member to be effective they need to connect with others by building relationships, earning trust, being empathetic and all together being a member of a high performing team

By being aligned with the organization, an effective team member understands and values their role. Are able to focus on the team results and have a winning mentality in the face of ambiguity. By being aligned, a team member sees opportunity in change and fosters ownership for their own action & that of the team

Finally, to be aware of the surrounding landscape, driven by market demands & have the business acumen to make sound decisions that are innovative and capitalize on opportunities.